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Eligibility: Graduation in Botany or equivalent
Course Level : Postgraduate (PG)
Duration : 2 Years
Description :

Botany is a branch of biology which deals with the study of plants, including their structure, properties, their classification, genetics, ecology, and biochemical processes. Botany is one of the world’s oldest natural sciences. Botany is also called plant science, plant biology or phytology and the word botany is derived from the word ‘botanic’. Master of Science or M.Sc. in Botany is a postgraduate program with two years of study. This four semester program helps the students to deepen the knowledge of plants and the methodologies that they have already studied. The course teaches every aspect of botany and to explain a broad spectrum of modern trends in botany and also help the students to develop experimental, observational, computational skills.

Main Subjects to Be Studied 

  • Microbiology & Phycology
  • Mycology & Crop Pathology
  • Bryology & Pteridology
  • Environmental Biology
  • Gymnosperms, Evolution & Developmental Biology
  • Cell & Molecular Biology
  • Plant Anatomy 
  • Principles of Angiosperm Systematics
  • Genetics & Biochemistry
  • Research methodology 
  • Biophysical instrumentation 
  • Biostatistics & Microtechnique
  • Plant Physiology & Plant Breeding
  • Biotechnology
  • Taxonomy of Angiosperms

Eligibility: Graduation in Mohiniyattam or equivalent
Course Level : Postgraduate (PG)
Duration : 2 Years
Description :

Mohiniyattam is one of the traditional classical dance forms of India which was originated in Kerala. This popular traditional dance is more ideally suited for women performers because of delicate body movements and subtle facial expressions are more feminine in nature. Today’s form of mohiniyattam has evolved through a long process and it traces its origin in the temples of Kerala. Master of Arts or M.A in Mohiniyattam is a postgraduate program with two years of study. This course is designed to provide excellent practical skills and excellent theoretical knowledge to students and this will helps students to become an adept in mohiniyattam to meet a wide spectrum of opportunities.

Main Subjects to Be Studied

  • Dance Legends & Institutions of Modern India
  • Folk & Ritual Traditions of Kerala
  • Sanskrit Dance Treatises & Dance Notations
  • Traditions of South Indian Dances
  • Traditional Drama & Dance Features
  • Aesthetics of Mohiniyattam
  • Keerathanam (Practical)
  • Padam (Practical)
  • Jathiswaram (Practical)
  • Cholkettu (Practical)
  • Swrajathi –Kamakshi (Practical)
  • Saptham-Vishu & Siva (Practical)
  • Pada Varnam (Practical)
  • Thillana (Practical)
  • Slokam, Ashtapadi (Practical)

Eligibility: Plus two or equivalent
Course Level : Undergraduate (UG)
Duration : 3 Years
Description :

Islamic Finance is a type of financial activity or banking activity that must comply with Sharia (Islamic Law). It is the way to manage money that keeps within the moral principles of Islam. Computer applications are application software which is a set of instructions or code written in a program for executing a task or an operation in a computer. Bachelor of Arts or B.A. Islamic Finance with Computer Application is a three year graduate program with six semesters of study. The course provides knowledge to students in management of money and asset, principles of banking and insurance as per Islamic Law. This course will help students to understand the fundamental concepts of Islamic economics along with various topics in computer application.

Main Subjects to Be Studied

  • Management Concepts & Business Ethics
  • Islamic & Indian Finance 
  • Financial & Corporate Accounting
  • Business Law & Law of Islamic Shariah
  • Cost & Management Accounting
  • Business Mathematics & Statistics
  • Corporate Governance in Islamic Finance
  • Islamic Micro Finance
  • Risk Management in Islamic Finance
  • Computerized Accounting with Tally
  • Islamic Fund Management & Security Marketing
  • Security Analysis & Portfolio Management